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Additional services

Top Movers Poland is a comprehensive approach to removals, and not only, because we also offer a number of additional services, including support in emptying apartments, houses, basements, attics, garages and offices and disposal of redundant property. Thanks to our help, it is possible to make general cleaning and bringing the rooms to a predetermined state.

A full package of services

There are times when it becomes necessary to completely empty the entire house, or individual rooms. It is then necessary to throw away the old furniture, electronic equipment, garbage and many other unnecessary things. There can be many reasons for this type of situation, e.g. we have purchased a used apartment, we have an attic or garage cluttered for years, we take over the apartment after eviction of former tenants, or if a member of our family has died and we want to empty the flat or house of unnecessary things. This challenge is not easy and pleasant, therefore, at Top Movers Poland, we offer a full package of additional services in this area.

Emptying of premises and utilization of waste

Cluttered flat or single rooms, which we want to make better use of require specific actions. As a company specialized in special tasks, we know how to deal with the mess, as well as properly dispose of unnecessary things such as RTV and household appliances, old furniture or even rubble. Because not everyone can cope with this task alone, we meet the problems of disposing of the waste, large-size items or scrap. As part of the services we take care of proper segregation of garbage, we disassemble furniture, and we also comprehensively clean the emptied rooms as agreed.

Our additional services are available at affordable prices, and thanks to our support you can save a lot of time and nerves. Comprehensive support will allow you to get a clean space free from unnecessary items, which you can use however you like.