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Transportation is a complex process that requires some knowledge and experience, especially when customs clearance processes are involved. Packing and loading of the goods to a vehicle for transport to another country is not enough. Our team of Move Managers works hand in hand with the drivers and the crew to ensure a smooth transition of your possession with all necessary voyage and customs documentation in place. A dedicated Move Manager will screen through your individual circumstances to check if your relocation allows duty and tax-free entry and advise you on necessary documents needed for the move.

Transport at the highest level

Top Movers Poland has its own professional fleet and infrastructure, tools and facilities to support your move. We use high-quality moving materials adequate for international moving. As a client, you can trust in our services and receive the necessary guidance and individual advice.

Preparation for transport is the key to success

Our pre-move survey consultation will help determine the best transport option for your upcoming move. Transporting of various items requires prior planning and preparation of the right materials and equipment. Size, weight and often type of the items (alcohol, foodstuff, tobacco, precious metal, plants, ivory and others) can be an obstacle in international relocation due to weight/tonnage or local customs restrictions. Our Move Manager would review the results of your pre-move survey and draw attention to any items that may require special handling or will be of customs interest and provide comprehensive advice on how to handle them best. Professional equipment such as external elevators pull-up lifts, professional piano handling support, advice on how to obtain phytosanitary certificates are some examples of what our office staff can assist with.