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Property transportationboth when removal and in other situations, requires knowledge and experience. Simply packing things into the vehicle is not enough,because it is important to prepare them properly, including packing, placing in a transport vehicle and securing individual items during the journey. Our team thanks to many years of experience, provides reliable and reliable transport services, thanks to which it becomes possible to transport each, even the most problematic thing.

Transport at the highest level

Top Movers Poland is a company, which has a professional vehicle infrastructure, tools adapted to the needs, as well as high-quality materials securing property during transport. Each client will find us advice and professional support, because we attach great importance to the quality of service, safety and operation in accordance with a predetermined schedule.

Preparation for transport is the key to success

The variety of items requiring transportation makes, that proper preparation is necessary. Regardless of whether we transport furniture, RTV / household appliances or small and delicate items, we care, that each of them is properly packed and secured during transport. Our skills and knowledge, allow to minimize the risk of any damage to the transported items.

If necessary, we help in proper packing of items before transport, we provide tips on how to best prepare sensitive items, e.g. works of art, how to protect the edges of furniture or how to describe the packed property. We transport single items, such as large-size furniture, and we also carry out comprehensive removals. We can also provide appropriate packaging support, we have appropriate materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and stretch. We take care of the most economical transport, and the property is packed like this, so that it arrives intact. Our team provides services of bringing and lifting items, therefore you can get comprehensive support in transport from depositing and packing your property, after unpacking it and setting it at its destination.