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Furniture storage, documents and other types of property are a real problem, e.g. when moving or in a situation, when we do not have enough storage space in the office or apartment. The perfect solution might be our storage service, which will allow you to have a safe place for items in the long or short term.

Warehousing for demanding customers

Top Movers Poland becoming equal to the task, offers comprehensive support in the field of storage both for the needs of companies and private customers. Our service is a guarantee of safety and care of the property entrusted to us. It is an alternative especially helpful when you are in the process of renovating, you are waiting for the pickup of your new apartment or office, you are planning a longer trip abroad or to another city, you are in the process of moving, you do not have sufficient storage space in your apartment or basement, or you suddenly need space for your belongings when you terminate a flat or office lease.

We have a professional storage space, equipped with appropriate safeguards and experienced staff, that’s why your items will be like in a bank with us.

Comprehensive service is our specialty

By using our services, you can find support not only in storage, but also picking up and transporting furniture etc. things to the storage point. Your property will be professionally secured by us with the help of appropriate protective materials, so you can pick them up intact. Our warehouse space is prepared like this, to ensure safety and the best conditions for the most diverse items. We care about cleanliness, and our service is available whenever the need arises.

We are convinced, that with our support it will be possible to find a solution in any situation, when you will need additional storage space. You don’t have to worry anymore and move boxes from corner to cornerin Top Movers Poland they will find their place and be available at your fingertips at any time.